fsTimer documentation

Section 1 Installing fsTimer
Section 2 Overview
Section 3 Suggestions for race setup
Section 4 Detailed descriptions of fsTimer components
4.1 Setting up for a new race
4.2 Importing preregistration - details
4.3 Registration - details
4.4 Compiling registrations - details
4.5 Race timing - details
4.6 Timing multiple laps
4.7 Handicap races
Section 5 Additional details for developers

Section 4 - Detailed descriptions of fsTimer components

Section 2 gave an overview of fsTimer, and Section 3 gave the procedures and organization that we use when using fsTimer. We now dive into the details, so that after reading this section you will know everything there is to know about using fsTimer. You should absolutely read this section before using fsTimer to time a race.

We first describe how everything is done for a standard, single-lap race. Then in Section 4.6 we describe the additional considerations for timing multiple laps, and in Section 4.7 considerations for handicap races. Both of these sections build on Sections 4.1-4.5, so you should read those sections even if you are doing a lap and/or handicap race.

Continue on to Section 4.1 Setting up for a new race.