Free, open source software for race timing

Free, cross-platform race timing with fsTimer

fsTimer is free, open source software for race timing that is under active development. It is cross-platform, meaning you can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux (and more!). It handles all aspects of timing the race, including registration, recording times, and printing results. It was designed for doing timing at small to medium charity 5k races, but could be used for a variety of race types.

Some fsTimer features

Using fsTimer for your race

We developed fsTimer to time our charity 5k, since it didn't seem right to spend more than $1000 for a professional race timer when that money could be better used to buy food for the hungry. We have used fsTimer for races of up to 500 people. For larger races than that, you probably want to consider RFID tags just for the logistics.

When using volunteers and free software, there is always a chance of catastrophic failure. That said, we have successfully used fsTimer to time races for a few years now. If you are running a for-profit, non-charity race and cannot tolerate a chance of failure, you might be better off paying the professionals and getting the associated guarantees.

If you think fsTimer might be right for your race, then download the software (it's free!), read the documentation, and try it out! If you do use fsTimer for your race, we would love to hear about it - please send us an email at admin@fstimer.org! This software is under active development, so we are especially interested in hearing about new features that would be useful to you.