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Print barcode labels

Using a barcode scanner to input bib IDs into fsTimer is a great way to speed things up, while simultaneously reducing entry error. Sometimes you can get race bibs that already have barcodes on them, but if not, it is easy to print barcode labels yourself.

We provide a pdf file containing barcode labels for the full sequence of numbers 1 to 1000, as well as a page of repeated 0 labels. If you need a different range of numbers, or a different repeated number, we also provide a software package (fsBarcodes) that you can use to generate labels over whatever range you want.

Download a sequence of labels

You can download a pdf of barcode labels for the range 1 to 1000 here. If you only need 1-300, you can just print those pages.

You can download a pdf of repeated barcode labels with the number 0 here. You can print as many copies as needed.

Instructions for printing

The labels generated by fsBarcodes use the Avery 5160 template, so you will need to purchase Avery 5160-sized blank labels. These are 2-5/8" x 1", 30 labels per sheet.

We had an issue at a past race where the barcodes became worn and faded by rubbing against the racer's jackets, and weren't recognized by the barcode scanner. There are two things that we strongly recommend you do in order to prevent this:

fsBarcodes - Generate your own barcode labels

fsBarcodes is a simple python script that uses postscriptbarcode and LabelNation to generate barcode labels. It can be used to generate a sequence of barcode labels over any range (you can specify), and can also generate repeated barcode labels of any value.

The script is command line and tested only in Linux (probably won't work in Mac or Windows). It is released under GPLv3, and can be donwloaded here: fsbarcodes0.1.tar.gz.

The above tarball includes postscriptbarcode and LabelNation, which are subject to their own licenses.

If you need a sequence of barcodes outside the 1 to 1000 range provided above but do not know anyone who runs Linux and can use fsBarcodes for you, then send us an email and we can generate the barcodes for you and email them to you.